Our Weight Reduction Treatment Procedure-

In India generally people do "Dieting" to reduce their extra weight. In Dieting people do the followings-
Sometime they skip the breakfast , sometime they skip lunch or sometime they skip dinner. Sometime the whole day instead of eating the food they only drink buttermilk or some fruit juice. All these kind of activity can help them to reduce weight temporarily but the moment they starts eating the normal daily real food they will re-gain their weight. All these kind of activities can slowdown the metabolism of the body. So after leaving the dieting their weight bounced back.

In our Treatment people needs to eat proper Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and in between the main meals they can have 1 or 2 healthy snacks. The benefit of eating 4-5 times a day is :

1) Increase the metabolic rate of the body. Which will help them to stabilise the reduce weight after completing
the programme.

2) Stabilish the sugar level inside the body.

3) Have a high level of energy the whole day.

4) Craving level will godown upto 70% wintin 15 days only.

5) Activates the fat burning harmones inside the body.

6) Gastric Acidity level goes down.

In our Diet programe we focus on the proper combination of Carbohydrates, Protein & Fat as per the individual body weight. In our diet we include chapathi, rice, south indian food items, buttermilk, curd, all kinds of fruits and vegetables as per the individual body requirement. The diet chart can be Veg, Non-Veg or mixed.

How much weight can i reduce in 2 months ?

1 cycle is of 2 months. By following our balance diet people are reduction 6-8 kg weight in 1 cycle. 1 kg (approx.) on a weekly basis. People can take multiple cycle as per their weight reduction desire and requirement.