World Health Organisation (WHO) Report - "Obesity is a sickness"

• WHO has identified Obesity is the 4th chronic disease today.

• “More than 55% of Indian women, 45% of men and one-fifth of children are overweight or obese in INDIA”. Which means every 2nd women, every 3rd men and every 5th child is Obese in India.

Obesity develops into many chronic diseases like -

• Diabetes (57%)
• Pancreas Failure (30%)
• Heart Disease (17%)
• High Blood Pressure (17%)
• Arthritis (14%)
• Breast or other Cancers (11%)

How fat accumulates in the body ? -

Body needs energy for day to day activities. When we eat food we get macronutrients like Carbohydrates, Protein & Fat and micronutrients like Vitamins, Minerals, Fibre etc.

Carbohydrtates provides energy to the body. The main sources of carbohydrates are Rice, Roti, Idly, Dosa, Vada, Upma, Uthapam, Poha, Bakery Items, Noodles, Pasta, Sugar, Fruits, Vegetables. etc.

Protein builds up the Muscles, Repair & maintain the body cells and tissues. The main sources of protein are Milk, Dal, Egg, Fish Chicken, Prawn, Meat etc.

The main sources of fat are Butter, Ghee, Cooking Oil, Milk, Curd, Cheese etc.

First of all body burns carbohydrates then protein and then fat. When we eat food from morning to night, generally we eat more than 300 gms of carbohydrates a day. Which is more than the body's requirement. So the extra carbohydrates converts into fat. In men it stores in the abdomen area and in women it is stored in the hip area. That is why men are called apple shape and women are called pears shape.

After burning the carbohydrates body burns the protein. To burn the protein body needs a special fuel, which is generate by burning the stored body fats. So whenever we eat protein body burns stored fat and weight reduction happens. Generally adults require 1 gms protein for 1 kg body weight. In India generally vegetarian people eat 15-20 gms (appox.) of protein a day and non-vegetarian people eat 40-45 gms (appox.) protein in a day. Due to the defeciency of protein body slowdowns the process of fat burning.

So one of the main reason of obesity in India is disbalance of carbohydrates and protein ration in the diet. Since fat is visible so we can control the fat consumption in our diet but due to the lack of knowledge how to have the correct balance of carbohydrates and protein in the diet people are becoming overweight and then over a period of time become Obese.