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Do you believe that Obesity only makes a person look ugly? No. ..... It also,

• robs a person of his opportunities of getting a good job or a suitable match.

• enhances the chances of developing many grave diseases.

• raises the rate of mortality due to liver problems.

• throws the marital life in disorder.

• reduces fertility and prevents conception.

• enhances the chances of developing Diabetes, High B.P. and Heart-Diseases.

• increases chances of developing Cancer.

• shortens the life-span.

Reducing extra fat is essential not only for improving your figure and appearance, but also for good health. The clinic GHOC shows you sure and scientific ways to reduce extra fat.

GHOC is a Clinic for reducing the weight in a natural way by following the Balanced Diet. This clinic is the hope for the Obese & Over Weight people who are struggling to reduce weight and to control their life style diseases. This Clinic provides friendly, approachable & professional services. The treatment done here is result oriented, best in service and easy to follow. The clinic runs on the principle of 4 pillars of Optimal Health-

1) Balanced Diet, 2) Proper Nutrition, 3) Adequate Rest & 4) Positive Mental Attitude.

Outstanding Features of the GHOC

• Provides interesting scientific information.

• Do a detailed-analysis of causes responsible for the development of Obesity.

• Provides a daily Diet-Plan for slimming.

• Recomend Exercises to make the body healthy and proportionate.

• Gives practical suggestions at every step.

This Clinic not only help people to reduce weight but also train people how to maintain their proper weight. This clinic is successfully run by two Obesity Specialist brothers Dr. Ashwini Kr. Goel & Dr. Aloke Kr. Goel. To read more about them click About Us link.

Consultation & Obesity-Checkup
Rs.500/- per person.

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