Dr.Ashwini Goel & Dr.Aloke Goel both are Gold Medalists Obesity Specialists, Naturopathic Doctors, & Homeopaths. They have also done "Masters in Food & Nutrition Science". They are treating Obesity for 15+ years now.

They are members of "All India Association for Advance Research in Obesity". They are associated with few leading hospitals in bangalroe. They run their own Obesity Clinic in Vijayanagar very successfully. They have hands on experience of handling Obesity and Life Sytle diseases like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Thyroid, PCOD, Uric Acid, Fatty Liver etc...in children and adults. Their patient age group profile varies from 1 year old baby to more than 85 yrs old adults.

They have conducted many Obesity Workshops in corporate companies like Cognizant, Deloitte, mPortal, Happiest Minds, Citrix, Bally Technologies, GlaxoSmith, etc. They have treated 15000+ families in India and abroad like California, Boston, Australia, Poland, Switzerland, Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai etc.

They have total devotion to Controlling Obesity and Life Style Diseases and have attained an eminent status of having a commendable success rate of 98-99%. They are one of the foremost Obesity Specialists in India and believe in giving 100% hope to every family.

www.goodhealthindia.in is the e-outreach arm of Dr. Ashwini & Dr. Aloke Goel's philanthropic leanings and is committed to provide the most recent and accepted information in the highly specialized field of Obesity care. It is a common forum for the people who are struggling to reduce weight, to get in touch with Dr. Ashwini & Dr. Aloke and benefit from their specialized knowledge and also a portal for other practitioners to share their expertise and form a community of like minded individuals committed to bringing the best practices in Obesity Care into the realm of Indian practice.